How to SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 for FREE

Most mobile operators sell SIM-locked phones and therefore restrict the use of a different SIM other than the one provided. And we, users, often choose to buy those SIM locked devices based on price comparison with other carriers. I myself wouldn’t buy Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile if there is a better deal somewhere else.  However, that is not the end of the world because you can still unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4. There is some paid options and some FREE UNLOCK OPTION. Of course, we will talk about the free one.

This whole guide (of free unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4) can be done on user’s risk and the writer of this article will not be held liable for any damage resulting from such attempt. 

These steps were proven on the S4 model GT-I9500 and I9505. the same cannot be said on the other versions of this phone.

There are a number of options in unlocking the SIM including the purchase of unlock code from ebay or the operator or IMEI code from the internet or can do it for free altogether. Obviously everyone will opt for the free option other than the paid one. Right, let’s get moving. Follow a step-by-step guide:

how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 for free


Step1: On your phone’s keypad found in the phone application of Samsung Galaxy S4 dial *#0011#. It should launch options on your screen.

Step 2: On the Service menu displayed on the screen tap the Menu button and the select the Back option among the ones given.

Step 3: Repeatedly tap the Menu button and then promptly select the Key input. In respond tap on the screen and select “1” followed by OK.

Step 4: Again press the Menu button and subsequently the Back option. The Service mode menu will now be launched and tap on the first option named UMTS.

Step 5: On the UMTS menu, tap on the option displayed first as DEBUG SCREEN and the next screen will follow. On the screen select option 6 named PHONE CONTROL.

Step 6: After the PHONE CONTROL service menu is launched, select NETWORK LOCK as displayed in option 6. On the screen that follows this option you should select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF

Step 7: Tap the Menu button and then select Back to go back to the UMTS main menu visited previously. From the options displayed on the UMTS main menu tap on [6] COMMON

Step 8: A list of options will appear on the next screen where you have to select option number 6 displayed as NV REBUILD. On the NV REBUILD menu select option 4 displayed as Restore Back-up.

After following this above-mentioned step-by-step approach, your Samsung Galaxy S4 will now freeze temporarily where the display will turn black. The LED will also display a blue light and the Menu together with the Back button will be turned on simultaneously.

Don’t Freak Out!

After freezing, the phone will automatically reboot and after a few minutes your Samsung Galaxy S4 will again boot up automatically. Insert another SIM of your choice to test if the process has gone successful. The phone will be unlocked forever now.

You will be able to enjoy a SIM free Samsung Galaxy S4 where any SIM of your choice can be put in. It is inconvenient to have a SIM locked phone because as you travel around the world you may find that the phone’s mobile operator is poor. For that reason it will be challenging to insert another SIM because your SG S4 is restricted to the use only the SIM purchased with. Always follow the step-by-step approach as above mentioned to unlock the S4 SIM lock for free. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is relatively expensive and that said it is not surprising to see the user opting for a cheaper SIM-locked device. However, one should not attempt to try the steps above to unlock a different phone other than the one Galaxy S4.

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  1. Hi,
    First of all THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG! I just unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S IV completely for FREE!!! I just don’t understand why people pay for unlocking the Galaxy S4 if they can do it free simply following this guide.
    Stay awesome! Brian

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